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ON THE BRINK – British RAF Typhoon Jets Intercept 10 Russian Military Airplanes

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ON THE BRINK – British RAF Typhoon Jets Intercept 10 Russian Airplanes

Fighter jets from Nato’s Baltic air policing mission have scrambled to intercept 22 Russian aircraft in multiple formations over the past week, including two of the largest interceptions over eastern Europe since tensions with Moscow began to rise 18 months ago.

In total, Nato aircraft have had to conduct emergency deployments on more than 250 occasions this year over Europe, Nato officials said — the highest number for an equivalent period since the end of the cold war. High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights.

The alliance’s Baltic Air Policing mission has conducted 120 of those scrambles. The Europe-wide figure compares with 400 events for the whole of 2014, marking what Nato sees as a steady growth in the size and seriousness of Russia’s aerial provocations.

“In the last year, Russia’s air activity close to Nato borders has increased in quantity and complexity,” an alliance official said. “Russian aircraft often fly without their transponders switched on, without filing flights plans and without communicating with air traffic authorities.” uk baltic “united kingdom” RAF “Royal Air Force” jet “fighter jet” air flight flying airplane coast russia british launch typhoon 2015 2016 defense patrol radar signal russian footage “video footage” battle space “air space” tracking GPS “flight radar” future europe “european union” transport aircraft pilot “flight sim” “flight simulator” history power performance speed news media entertainment u.s. usa america “united states” alaska trends trendy “elite nwo agenda” agenda game games putin obama montagraph coast to coast am alex jones infowars prediction september 23 october end times jade helm 15 blood moons blue moon global reset illuminati george soros daboo7 daboo77 anonymous jsnip4 bilderberg china stock market collapse gold silver dollar collapse

Transponders allow civil aviation authorities to easily locate their whereabouts. Russia has been careful not to actually breach alliance airspace, but the increase in activity can be seen as an attempt by Moscow to test the alliance’s response times.

The European Air Safety Agency — a civilian body — ruled in April that Russia’s flights pose a “high risk” to civil aviation. Two Russian bombers intercepted by U.S. fighter jets off the California coast on July Fourth could be seen as having raised a metaphorical middle finger to the United States.

“Good morning, American pilots. We are here to greet you on your Fourth of July Independence Day,” they said, according to the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Russia is negotiating with numerous countries over the sale of its Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jet, and a number of these deals “are coming to fruition.” Russia and China have been negotiating the sale of the Su-35 for years. Russia had previously been insisting that China purchase at least 48 Su-35s over fears that Beijing will reverse engineer the jet. China has a history of purchasing a few Russian warplanes only to reverse engineer the jets and produce an indigenous version. This is what happened, for instance, when China purchased the Su-27 and then unveiled a domestically built variant, the J-11.


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  1. Dylan Findlay (BRITANNIA)

    My country and Russia do this all the time if they had a problem it would if been resolved they only flex their muscles no harm done

  2. Russia you have the biggest country in the world. fly your jets over your own land. stop spying on everyone

  3. hope Russia bombs the shit outta NATO!!!!

  4. NEWS FLASH the RAF intercepted unarmed Russian aircraft in International air space????


  6. They chase each other all the time, it works both ways and is done all over the world. I used to fly commercial jets and we would always hear air defense radar controllers shouting at 'unidentified aircraft', threatening them with interception.  No big deal.

  7. Hell yeahh..cant wait for ww3.come on people sign on to the millitary. itll be fun.i promise 

  8. What the fuck is taking so so so long for ww3 buy the time it gets here it will be the year 3,000 and we will all be 500 years old dead in our graves kicking our feet together. 

  9. too bad no one fired…lets get this kicking!

  10. They're all in it together, they all serve the same masters. Bless

  11. Seems to me these 'organizations' of countries like NATO and the UN are the real problem.

  12. some real life amazing things going on in the skies, I just hope the pilots don't press any funny buttons, those bombs and missiles can do some heavy damage when they touch the ground.

  13. Muscle flexing… Peace.

  14. That Su-34 looks awesome